Discover my blog post workflow to write amazing content faster that ranks higher on Google.

Want to learn how to write blog articles that sell more of your course, products, and services?
Then The SEO Content Writing Course was made exactly for you!
What others are saying about my courses...

I am not actually a content writer; I'm a proofreader, but your course translated well to my career needs. 

 Your course has proven invaluable to me. I had no idea how to approach this platform, and now I feel confident. confident as an introvert who hates putting herself out, there can be, anyway! I started sending out personalized connection requests to strangers last month. I am happy to say about half to two-thirds of them have accepted to date. 

 What has me really staggered is that in approximately the last ten days, I have been receiving connection requests on a regular basis! Including from writers - the very people I set out to reach. (Although I admit I have been surprised that only one or two have bothered to send messages with their request. That in itself shows me how valuable it is to personalize connection requests.) I see it's clearly time to start doing some cold-pitching. I have you to thank for that.


Imagine being able to write content that ranks on page one of Google in less time....

It's totally possible for you to write blog posts that rank better. And how do I know?

Because as a freelance writer and blogger, I was once in your shoes.

I waited to learn SEO because, as you know, there is so much to learn as a new blogger. I was so overwhelmed with ALL the tasks you need to do as well as managing my writing clients.

But I was wrong. SEO should have been the FIRST thing I focused on. And I don't want you to make the same mistake.

Once I learned the strategies I teach in this course, I was able to rank my client's content (and my own!) higher on Google.  I'm sharing all the tips and hacks in this course.

You don't need to worry anymore because your problem is almost solved!

This Course Will Help You....
Make More Money With Your Products, Services, and Courses

Get traffic to your website to make more money with your products and services.

Create a Blog Post Workflow that Makes the Content Creation Process Easier

Make writing blog posts easier and quicker with a proven process you can repeat.

Share Your Message With the World and Find Your True Fans Easily

Your audience is waiting to hear your message. They need you!

Student Success Stories

I help women who want to work from home as freelance writers and bloggers and here's what they are saying about my courses.

"You need this course."

You need the Niche Ninja Course! Everyone talks about "You need to niche down" or "choose a profitable niche," and Heather makes it easy to understand HOW to go about doing both of these. Her workbook walks you through the process of how to dig a bit deeper and get at the core of choosing a niche you'll want to spend time writing about and working with.


"Thank you, Heather!"

Everyone always talks about Niche down, and No one explains how to do it. After taking this course, I was able to pick a profitable niche and feel confident in my choice. This course gave me tools I will be able to use throughout my business. Thank you, Heather; you are the best!!


You may be wondering what makes this course different?
  • You know content is king, and this course teaches you how to make the most of all your content versus some never seeing the light of day.
  • Write the content you actually want to with a proven system for finding keywords you can rank for.
  • And being able to offer SEO content writing services as a writer allows you to charge higher rates.

I could charge 5x more for this, but I know how frustrating it is to be stuck.....

And if you've been struggling to write content people can actually find and read, this course is the perfect solution. 

After purchase, you'll get instant access to the course and can immediately start taking action towards writing content your readers and Google love.

Imagine never having to deal with these issues again...

Years of stress and feeling burned out because you did all the wrong things without getting steady Google traffic.

Struggling to write content quickly because you start from scratch each time

Finding it hard to support your family because you're constantly in the feast or famine cycle

Wasting time making mistakes that will cost you a lot of money

Finally get your blog posts to rank higher on Google

I created this content writing course to help you get off the bad content hamster wheel and onto creating incredible content with confidence.

Who The SEO Content Writing Course For?

  • Bloggers who want to write their own blog posts
  • Freelance writers that want to offer SEO content writing services
  • Any online business owner who wants to rank the content they write

If you have been holding back on your potential...

If you have said, "Maybe, but just not yet..."

If you are ready to break free...

The SEO Content Writing Course was made for you!

Are you the kind of person who...

Wants to actually make money working from home

Desires a life of freedom and flexibility that working from home gives you

Takes incredible, imperfect action toward your goal

Has tried other content creation courses that haven't worked

Believes you have a message that can make a difference in someone's life

Knows deep down that you can do this!

If you've said "YES" To any of , then you are exactly who I live to serve in The SEO Content Writing Course.

It's time to say "YES" and join!
Meet the Creator

"From the moment I started helping women who want to work from home as writers or bloggers, I knew I found my calling."

Heather Ritchie
I like that you’re skeptical because you can never be too safe! Many people claim they can help you make money online, but it's often things you can't actually earn a full-time income from.
I'm a Certified Content Marketing Strategist and SEO Content Writer, and I’m living proof that it is possible to make good money as a freelance writer, blogger, or both. 
I ignored SEO at the beginning, which was a huge mistake. It put me years behind, so I decided I would learn everything I could about SEO. 

I’ve taken many courses, including: 

- Sticky SEO 
- Stupid Simple SEO 
- SEO Jumpstart 
- Adventures in SEO 
- Many of the Fat Stacks SEO courses 
- Read most of Debbie Gartner’s SEO eBooks

And I'm Surfer SEO Certified.
Writer's Life for You Has been Featured In World-Class Publications, like
What's Inside the Course?

The SEO Content Writing Course helps you learn how to structure and write your blog content for SEO. You'll learn about some of the more essential elements of SEO, mistakes content creators often make, and use a proven content creation process to make writing content easier.

Step 1

Getting started in the course and a little bit more about why you should listen to me. You also get the helpful content planner here.

Step 2

This masterclass is a pre-recorded, hour-long video lesson with slides on the basics of writing SEO-optimized content.

Step 3

In this module, we dig into learning more about SEO basics and some of the biggest mistakes content creators make.

Step 4

This is one of my favorite modules where you'll learn the basics of keyword research and how to find keywords you can actually rank for.

Step 5

Now it's time to learn how to structure and optimize your blog posts.

Step 6

You'll find all the awesome bonuses here. I will keep adding more over time as I assess your needs.

Module #1

Here's where you'll get started and learn a little bit about how we got to this point and why this course was created.

And you'll get access to the content planning template, which I know you'll love.

Module #2

This module has the SEO Content Writing Masterclass. It's an hour-long video that provides a broad overview of the course with slides. It provides a great foundation for your content writing system.

Module #3

Of course, learning the basics of SEO is vital to your success. While this isn't an SEO course, you do need to understand some of the basics.

What great content is

Important SEO definitions to know

Learn What many experts consider Google's most critical ranking factors.

Module #4

Keyword research is one of the most important parts of SEO because if you don't choose the right keywords, you'll never get your content to rank.

Learn what user intent is.

The types of keywords (there's more than one!)

How to find the right keywords for your articles

Module #5

Here's where you learn how to optimize your blog posts so you can actually start ranking them.

Why optimizing your posts is so important to rank

How to structure your blog posts for SEO

How to optimize your posts

Module #6

This is where your fun bonuses live, and I will keep adding new ones.

A PDF of all the SEO definitions and terms in the course

How to identify your unique selling proposition

But wait, there's more!
Special Bonuses!
Order today and you'll also get these bonuses:

PDF on How to Identify Your Unique Selling Proposition - Setting yourself apart from the competition is critical. This PDF shows some examples and ways to differentiate yourself from your competitors. (Valued at $10)

KeySearch Keyword Research Masterclass (Valued at $47)

PDF of all the Important SEO Definitions and Phrases I talked about throughout this course. (Valued at $10)

Content Planning Template and Blog Post Outline (Valued at $15)

Blog Post Checklist and Workflow (Valued at $12)

Let's Recap... Here's Everything You're Getting Today!
The SEO Content Writing Course is perfect for easily leveling up your content creation to write better blog content.

SEO Content Writing Course (Value $97)

BONUS: PDF of SEO Terms and Definitions (Value $10)

BONUS: How to Define Your USP (Value $10)

BONUS: Blog Post Checklist and Workflow (Value $12)

Instructional Videos and Examples (Value $97)

BONUS: Content Planning Template (Value $15)

BONUS - KeySearch Keyword Research Masterclass (Value $47)

Join the Course Today for ONLY $288 $67
(save over 70% Today!)
Huge Student Success Stories!

“Choosing what niche to build your freelancing business or blog on is the most important decision you ever make as a writer. It determines everything you do going forward. So, why not ensure that you make the right choice. With this course, Heather not only helps you find the perfect profitable niche for you but shows you exactly how to become THE EXPERT in your field. 

 With years of freelancing experience to share, she sprinkles in nuggets of wisdom throughout. Stop guessing, stop wondering and worrying, buy this course and be sure about which niche is right for you. Or should I say write for you?”

Nadalie Bardo
It's All You Boo -

Since I absolutely adore writing, I had been trying to learn more about ghostwriting and beginning it as a career. I am SO glad I found this eBook! Heather has it seriously packed out with information. She explains what ghostwriting it, how to do it legally, and then gives all sorts of sources to begin applying for. I have already applied for 2 of her recommended programs and am working on my profiles now. (She gives tips on this too!) I actually feel confident in being able to make this a living in my near future.

Jess Kitchens - The Best Self 

The Niche Ninja Mini-Course walked me through the entire process of choosing a profitable niche, from identifying my ideal reader to researching each niche to determine whether it's in demand and how competitive it is. 

 While working through the course, I used the beautifully designed worksheets to come up with a list of profitable niche ideas for my next blog and finally narrowed it down to a topic that is both in demand and one that I would enjoy writing about. 

 If you've been spinning your wheels trying to decide on a blog or freelance writing niche, stop now and take this course!

~ Tonya Mickelson

Although niching down can become overwhelming, Heather has created a brilliant niche course that teaches you how to identify your ideal clients by understanding their needs and preferences while giving you insight into their psychology. She breaks down the process in easy-to-follow steps, on how to research the demand of your target market and your competitors by using specific tools and including videos and worksheets that also help you evaluate the profitability of your niche. Most importantly, she cares enough for the result to align with your core values.

~Anna Markou

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I help you decide of The SEO Content Writing Course is for you?

  • When do I get access to the program?
    Instantly! As soon as you purchase.
  • Do you have a refund policy?
    Due to the nature of this product, I can not offer refunds at this time. But this course will help you create a writing process and rank your articles higher as long as you implement what you learn.
  • Do you have an affiliate program?
    Yes! As soon as you purchase, you'll be invited to earn 20 - 40% commissions on all referrals.
  • Do I need any expensive software?
    Nope! You’ll see I give you recommendations and suggestions throughout the course, and you'll need to invest in a good keyword research tool eventually, but you can start with free ones.

    Eventually, you will also want to invest in an SEO course or one of Debbie Gartner's SEO books. You will have to make SOME investment at some point, but you can wait to invest more until you’re making a consistent income.
  • With all the free information out there, why should I invest in a course to writer better content?
    The significant benefit of buying courses is that they help you speed up the process by teaching you how to avoid mistakes. Plus, it would take a long time to piece everything together from free information. I’ve saved you the trouble and put it in a neat little package with a bow.

    If I had an affordable option that showed me the shortcuts when I started, I would have been successful much sooner. Time is money – for real. The less time you waste, the quicker you can skip to the make-money part.
  • How do I know this course will work for me?
    For a small investment, you get tons of actionable data, and I walk you step-by-step through the process of writing SEO-optimized content. It will help you make the life you’ve always dreamed of, but you have to implement what you learn. This process does work, but it is the exact blueprint I used in my successful business. And if you show me where you tried to implement what you learned, you get a 14-day money-back guarantee.

    But you must have to put these steps in motion. And if, for some reason, you decide you don’t want to offer services, the content writing process will help you grow your own blog.
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Imagine if all your content creation problems were solved...

With a blog post process that you can replicate, you'll never leave anything out of your articles again.

Accelerate your progress by avoiding all the mistakes I made for you.

Ranking your content higher will come easier wants you learn some of Google's secrets.

You can finally start getting traffic to your website to make more money selling your products, courses, and services and promoting affiliate products.

Your writing will improve, and you won't be wasting time writing articles on keywords too hard to rank for that no one will see.

Help your future customer see how their life will improve after they use your product.

More Testimonials From All My Students

Niching down is probably the best business advice I have ever received. But many believe this only applies to product-based businesses, and if you offer a service, you should be open to any kind of customer. 

But niching down your freelance writing business means understanding your (ideal) client 100%, speaking their language, and providing the best possible service to them. And Heather shows you exactly how to find out who that ideal client is and how to attract it. Her simple and clear instructions will help you quickly gain clarity and build your dream freelance writing business.

~Mia Fox

If you want to become a money-making freelance writer or blogger, it’s imperative that you choose a niche that’s both profitable AND one you’ll enjoy writing about. But choosing the right niche is much easier said than done! If you’re struggling to “niche down,” you need the Niche Ninja Course. Heather’s videos, worksheets, and tips walk you through everything you need to know to find your perfect niche!

~Cate Brubaker

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Thank you so much for reading to the very bottom of the page.
I bet that means you're interested but perhaps afraid? Starting something new is scary, so whether it's fear of rejection, the unknown, failure, or the process itself, it's natural to be afraid.
But I know the disappointment you feel every time you write a new post and take time to make sure it's helpful and written well, only to see it's on page 3, 4, or an even worse position on Google.

It's taking you even longer to write blog posts with NO results. Maybe you feel like giving up. May running an online business or successful blog just isn't meant to be!

But don't! Try the tips and strategies in this course, and you will start seeing better results.

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