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Working with Heather to optimize content for my new blog has been great! Heather is extremely personable and easy to work with. She listens to my ideas, while giving me feedback and making suggestions based on HER OWN research and expertise. Plus, she uses top-notch SEO tools. More importantly, her work delivers ROI. Thanks to Heather, one of my blog posts ranked #7 on Page 1 of Google for my target keyword after just 3 months. In 5 months, it ranked #4! Aaaa-mazing!

Q. McElroy
Founder or Thrifty IQ

Are you tired of pouring your heart and soul into creating amazing content only to see it buried deep in the search results?

Does the thought of SEO make your head spin, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and frustrated?

Do you struggle to understand how to optimize your content to rank higher on Google and attract more traffic to your website?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you're not alone. Many content creators face these challenges, and they can make it incredibly difficult to achieve your goals.

Imagine what it would be like to have your content effortlessly appear on the first page of Google search results. 

Picture the flood of organic traffic flowing to your website, eager to consume your valuable content. 

How would it feel to see your hard work finally paying off as your audience grows and your business thrives? 

Unfortunately, for many content creators, this remains a distant dream as they struggle to grasp the complexities of SEO and on-page content optimization.

You can leave all your SEO worries behind and let Rank Up SEO Content Audits and Optimizations take your content to new heights.

What's Included:

One, three, or five post-audit + optimization tips packages (Valued starting at $97)

An overall content score

Range of recommended word count for each article

Tips for optimizing your post for your main keyword

At least four recommended questions you can answer in your article

At least 20 related keywords you can add to your post to ensure you thoroughly cover the topic and increase your chances of landing on Google’s coveted page one.

I’ll also let you know if your search intent is off (this can affect where you rank, too)

BONUS: SEO Terms and Definitions PDF (Valued at $10)

BONUS: Content Planning Template (Valued at $19)

Total Value Starting at $126 Starting at $47

*Note - You must fill out the intake form for your audit within seven days of purchasing so I can ensure you get your results quickly!

Hey! I'm Heather,

I like that you’re skeptical because you can never be too safe! Many people claim they can help you make money online, but it's often things you can't actually earn a full-time income from. 

Picture this: Several years ago, I was just like you,  struggling to crack the SEO code and get my content to rank higher on Google. It was frustrating, to say the least. I poured my heart and soul into creating valuable, engaging content, but it seemed like Google was playing hard to get.
I'm a Certified Content Marketing Strategist and SEO Content Writer, and I’m living proof that it is possible to make good money as a freelance writer, blogger, or both. 
I ignored SEO at the beginning, which was a huge mistake. It put me years behind, so I decided I would learn everything I could about SEO. 
I’ve taken many courses, including:
- Sticky SEO 
- Stupid Simple SEO 
- SEO Jumpstart
- Adventures in SEO 
- Many of the Fat Stacks SEO courses 
- Read most of Debbie Gartner’s SEO eBooks 
And I'm Surfer SEO Certified.

  • How does Rank Up SEO Content Audit and Optimization help improve my blog post rankings on Google?
    I analyze the posts or posts you choose to uncover any potential issues and things you’re doing well. I’ll give you a report within seven business days after you fill out the forms with optimization tips, more keywords, questions you can answer in each post, and more.
  • Can you explain how the analysis process works and how it identifies areas for improvement?
    I use some of the best SEO tools out there to help me analyze your post and provide even better tips. But I also use my 6+ years of writing SEO content for my clients that ranks to provide actionable expert insights you can implement today. I’ve taken many SEO courses and resources to build my expertise, and I want to help you since I know how frustrating not ranking can be when you know your success depends on it.
  • Will Rank Up SEO Content Audit and Optimization teach me how to optimize my content for both search engines and human readers?
    Absolutely, as Google only wants to promote the most helpful content to searchers, so I take all that into account, making the search intent analysis an important part of the audit.
  • Will I learn how to do keyword research?
    I do teach it, but it is not part of this service. That’s in my SEO courses and resources (you can check out some over in my Shopify store: https://contentpreneurbizshop.com/collections/seo-courses
  • What kind of actionable tips and strategies will I receive to optimize my blog posts?
    I’ll give you tips on things like:

    - Writing a short introduction that hooks your readers from the start
    - How long your post should be
    - Additional keywords to add
    - Content creation tips
    - Search intent tips

    And much more.
  • How can Rank Up SEO Content Audit and Optimization help me overcome the challenges of on-page SEO content optimization?
    You’ll get expert eyes on your content that writes SEO-optimized content for a living, as well as a Certified Content Marketing Strategist. I understand what Google and readers want for your posts to rank higher.

    *Note: I can’t guarantee your posts will rank because many additional factors, including SEO aspects on your website and backlinks, go into it.
  • What types of results can I expect after implementing the recommended optimizations?
    If you implement the recommended optimizations on the post audited and also apply those tips to new and older posts, you should start to see your posts rank higher over time as you keep updating old posts and adding new SEO-optimized content. It will likely be gradual over time. Plus, your posts will start ranking faster as well.
Heather is an amazing writer and such a tremendous resource for my blog. Her knowledge and acumen of SEO, keyword research, and blog writing has been an invaluable addition to helping me grow. Heather's contributions are always complete, fully researched, delivered on time, and above and beyond. In fact, often, Heather adds more to the post than the original outline, having found added value through her thorough research. You can count on the highest quality with Heather. And best of all, Heather clearly cares about the success of the posts she has written for me, and many of these posts rank on the first page of Google. She focuses on quality, and it shines through in every aspect of her work.
Keri Baugh Bartok 
 Bon Voyage With Kids
Heather is an absolute pleasure to work with - she is always prompt and professional in everything she does! I've been using her freelance writing and editing services for several months now. She's a great communicator and very creative. The fact that she has written on a wide range of topics and understands the significance of SEO writing makes my job much easier. Every month, I can count on Heather to complete the work on time and to a high standard. She's the best freelance writer I've ever worked with, and I wholeheartedly recommend her.
Amira Irfan
7-Figure Blogger at A Self Guru
Heather has been AWESOME! I've been blogging for a while and struggling to keep up with the writing AND life. However, working together has allowed me to be more present with my family and keep my blog running and growing. Since I'm newer to blogging, she's used her expertise in SEO and writing to ensure that my articles will do better in ranking for Google, making my job so much easier. I firmly believe that we can't do it all, and what we can't do - we find someone who can. For me, that has been finding and working with Heather. She's always quick to respond, helpful, and gives tips, advice, and recommendations on where to add my tidbits into the articles. Money and time well spent working with Heather, highly recommended! I'm so grateful to have found her and that she can work with me.
Stacey Ilyse
Rebel Traveler

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