Have you ever wished you could work from home, furthering your own goals instead of someone else’s?

"Hey, Heather. I need you to start coming to work a little earlier and start setting specific days you work every week." 

That may not sound like a big deal, but it is when you are chronically ill and on disability. My first job after losing everything was working as an administrative assistant for a police department I worked at as an officer. The original agreement was that I could create my own hours, but it seems the town manager was left out o the loop on that one. 

I was sick all the time and had no life. Plus, I desperately wanted to do something else. Around this time, I started throwing around the idea of work from home jobs, and I will never forget it to this day.

It was another step towards getting my life back and working towards my own goals instead of someone else’s.

And while it would take me a few years to start working from home full-time, my journey to a better work-life balance had just begun.

It all started as a little part-time job.

I only planned to supplement my disability income, not replace it or create a booming freelance business. Since I was little, I’d been writing, but people couldn’t really earn a full-time income writing unless they’re Stephen King, right?  

And then, I decided to take it further and actually start a business and a separate blog. The first money I made was the most exciting. It started with me making enough each month to leave my day job, which was freeing in itself.  

But I learned about blogging, and it became a true passion for me. Little did I know that my actual writing career was that of a freelance blogger. That’s how I started, and that’s why I love blogging so much.

A New Goal

My goal changed from supplementing my income to growing a blog and freelance business. Over time I started making money using affiliate marketing and selling products - with my writing business as my primary income.  

Writing blog posts for businesses eventually helped me earn more than I ever did each month as a police officer carrying a gun and wearing a bulletproof vest - it’s sad but true! And now, 

I’ve created the perfect roadmap and blueprint with the strategies I used and the exact steps you need to take to ditch your day job for good. 

With my path, I wandered around in circles and made every mistake possible. Now your path doesn’t have to be crooked because it’s all packaged up in this book.

Get the Freelance Blogging for Profit Book PLUS all 3 Bonuses Worth $50

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This book is the whole blueprint you can use to create a work-from-home career that lets you spend more time with family and friends.

Here's a sneak peek of what you'll discover inside the digital copy of Freelance Blogging for Profit

Build a Business Love. Learn how to create a business that makes you excited to get out of bed every morning. 

Learn how to choose a profitable niche that has high-paying clients. (on page 32)

Discover your ideal client. Learn more about your perfect client so you can speak to them and make them think you read their mind. (This is the same as your audience like a blogging niche - page 49)

How to create your writing website even if you have no experience. We'll go over several different options so you have a professional website that wows potential clients. (page 76)

Learn about the psychology behind why people buy. Learn what drives people to buy or not buy something. (page 62)

Create a budget for your startup and ongoing costs. Use the accompanying expense worksheet to budget everything you need to start your freelance business. (page 68)

Avoid the legal mistakes many new entrepreneurs make that could cost you significant amounts of money. Ensure your website has all the necessary legal pages you need to avoid scary lawsuits (page74)

Get the client legal contract you need without breaking the bank. Learn how to get a template written by an attorney at an affordable price. (pages 74-75)

Learn how to find freelance blogging clients on job boards. Get a list of 25+ websites where you can get blog writing jobs. (page 120)

Discover the easy way to create samples for your portfolio - even if you have NO experience. (page 107)

Learn how to treat your business like a business. Get a free full business plan template or discover an easy one-page one (page 63)

Learn how to scale your business over time by creating systems and organizing your business. It's easier to do than you think! (page 168)

Cold pitching tips. Learn everything you need to know to cold pitch like a pro. (page 154)

Get a simple cold pitch template proven to work. Use the same template I've used for my own writing business.

Learn how to market your freelance writing services the easy way. Sell your services without sounding like an icky used car salesman. (page 157)

Step-by-step instructions on how to set up a PayPal Business account. Learn how to set up your PayPal business account as well as the other options you have for managing your business finances. 

Get access to a ginormous resource page filled with FREE info. 

Get access to 3 awesome bonuses

I'm not holding anything any part of strategy back. Go from overworked and tired to finally being in control of your life and goals. 

You'll get to see the big picture as well as actionable steps that will take you through the entire process....and learn from the mistakes I made for you. 

When You Get Your Copy Right Now For Only $9.99
You also get all these BONUSES!
Bonus #1: Companion Workbook

Value: $27

31-page workbook with actionable exercises to help you find your niche, identify your perfect client, and more

Work through the process FOR FREE when you purchase Freelance Blogging for Profit today.
Bonus #2: Financial Spreadsheet

Value: $19

Track three years of your business finances with this handy spreadsheet that auto-calculates. Tax time won't be so stressful with it.

Track your expense FOR FREE when you buy Freelance Blogging for Profit today.
Bonus #3: PDF on How to Deal with Rejection as a Writer

Value: $6

Get the PDF version of one of my most popular blog posts on how to deal with rejection as a writer.

Learn how to reframe rejection FOR FREE when you buy Freelance Blogging for Profits today.
How would it feel if you could confidently...

Prevent years of stress and overwhelm because you did all the wrong things.

Create your personal blueprint for success to move through the process of starting a freelance blogging business

Know that you can support your family and have a better work-life balance. 

Create a freelance business that gives you your time and life back.

Accelerate your progress by dodging all the mistakes I made

Scale your business the right way for a secure financial future

I wrote this book to help you free yourself from traditional work and make more money than you ever dreamed of. I want other women to experience the joy of working from home and getting to see their family and friends more (and maybe get some laundry done at the same time).

Here's what other students and clients are saying:

Heather is an absolute pleasure to work with - she is always prompt and professional in everything she does! I've been using her freelance writing and editing services for several months now. She's a great communicator and very creative. The fact that she has written on a wide range of topics and understands the significance of SEO writing makes my job much easier. Every month, I can count on Heather to complete the work on time and to a high standard. She's the best freelance writer I've ever worked with, and I wholeheartedly recommend her!

Amira Irfan
Lawyer and 7-Figure Blogger @
These stories are powerful

Wow, Heather’s Book is just amazing. I always wanted to set up a writing business where I don’t have to go on a hunt for clients but they come to me directly. This is a book for that. I know the answers to all the whats, hows and wheres. I am really happy that I found her book. Thanks, Heather! - Ekta Swarnkar of Tia Says

Get the Freelance Blogging for Profit Book PLUS all 3 of the Bonuses Worth $50

For Only $9.99

Freelance Blogging for Profit$9.99

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That's perfect! Let's see if I can't answer your most pressing questions right now:

  • How do I know if this book will work for me?
    For a minimal investment, you get tons of actionable data, and I walk you step-by-step through the process of starting a freelance business writing blog posts for a living. This book will help you make massive movement while helping you avoid making the same mistakes I did. It works for anyone as long as you apply what you learn. Plus, you get the workbook, spreadsheet, and pdf on dealing with reject all for just $9.99.
  • How long does this process take?
    Honestly, you can probably read and implement everything in less than 7-days if you’re itching to get started. It all depends on the time you have to go through the steps in the book. If you want to take your time, you can do that too. This is a self-paced course, so it’s very flexible. Don't think you have to finish it all immediately. You can take it step-by-step.
  • Do I need any expensive software to make this work?
    Absolutely not! You'll see that I make recommendations and you can learn more about them in the resource section. But you can start your freelance business for free or next to nothing depending on if you have a laptop or computer or not. At some point, there will be SOME investment but you can wait to invest more when you're making a consistent income.
  • With all the free information out there, why should I buy a book to learn how to start my business?
    Lord, let me tell you. I had the same attitude (and budget) when I started. I wasted MONTHS figuring out how to start a blog and writing business when if I had an affordable resource that would give me the shortcut to making money faster, I would have started writing much sooner. That means I could have started working from home full-time sooner, reducing my commute to from the bed to the coffee pot (for real).

    Time is money. The less time you waste, the quicker you can skip to the make-money part.
If you're still reading this page, I know you're interested, but something is holding you back.

Thank you so much for reading to the very bottom of the page.

I bet that means you're interested but perhaps afraid?

Starting something new is scary so whether it's fear of rejection, the unknown, failure, or of the process itself, it's natural to be afraid.

Leaving the security of a traditional job terrified me. What if I couldn't make ends meet? What if I sucked?

I totally get it. I hate change, even good change! But once I took that leap, I never looked back and I'm happier than I've ever been. This book can do the same for you.